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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Fehr has to represent the interest of professional hockey players bargaining with the NHL. As such, he represents an entity that values and wants certain things. At this point in time, from their messages, I would glean that those things are:

It's not just about the figures this year (mossey), it's about the ability of each player who has yet to negotiate a new contract to do so under as few restrictions and income-suppressing options as possible ----- within the constraints of a cap system.

As the owners have their cap and cost certainty, they shouldn't care one iota about the other things--- as a group.
While I agree the players deserve little limits on things. Some kind of contract limits are a must, they are in other leagues and these long, 12 year+ contracts are just silly(and not every GM gives them, only a few do.). The problem with NO limits is free agency, guys like parise and suter come out and say "i will not accept an offer unless it's 12 years 80 mil+" and bam the small markets are gone, some of the big markets dont want them and it just makes it a whole lot less interesting. I would gladly take parise, but I dont want 35 year parise with 4 years left of 8 million on the team.

10 year limits is fine, I'm hoping the players accept something like that, as well as variation limitations. Both NBA and MLB have contract limits.

In exchange what do they want though? a lower UFA age might not be a good thing, although they could offer a 2 year ELC straight up. that would be an improvement.

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