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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Fehr has to represent the interest of professional hockey players bargaining with the NHL. As such, he represents an entity that values and wants certain things. At this point in time, from their messages, I would glean that those things are:

*50/50 split of current HRR definition as long as the legacy contracts are honored
*As few restrictions and take-backs on things important to every single player in his attempt to maximize his career earnings and potential, ergo contract term limits, UFA age, ELC and arbitration matters.

It's not just about the figures this year (mossey), it's about the ability of each player who has yet to negotiate a new contract to do so under as few restrictions and income-suppressing options as possible ----- within the constraints of a cap system.

As the owners have their cap and cost certainty, they shouldn't care one iota about the other things--- as a group.

Almost every nhl player on twitter has been espousing their support (and their unions support) for a 50/50 split as long as current contracts are not affected. Sorry, your noble idea that players are willing to lose money in order to safeguard the interests of future players has not not only been proven wrong, the exact opposite has been proven.

As for player specifics not directly related to salary or cap percentages, perhaps if the NHLPA was so concerned about them they should start negotiating for them...instead of Fehr continuing his attempt to de-link revenue from the cap.

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