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Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
My saying Leo is the blandest leading man because you always know exactly what you're going to get from him. I think he's a guy who hasn't shown the ability to be better than the character (if that makes sense). He's content to play it his one way, with slight vocal changes. He's completely unwilling to take chances.

For example, I'll compare him again with Matt Damon, who I think has shown the ability to play dramatic, comedic, and action roles. A few roles that I put ahead of anything I've seen DiCaprio do: Damon's roles in The Informant and True Grit. In The Informant, Damon creates a man who is so sure of his every move, and is so ruled by his BS that even he believes it. That scene near the end where he self destructs by changing his story over and over is so grat. In True Grit, he isn't afraid to be the butt of the joke, but gets chances to redeem himself. This is one of the big stars in Hollywood, and he took a role where he knew nobody would be able to take anything you say seriously for most of the film because of a tounge injury, and knock it out of the park.

Even roles where most people wouldn't be able to bring much emotional depth to, he finds a way, like Jason Bourne. He was the best part of Contagion, where he brought the only emotional impact to an overall very cold film. The scene where he is told about his wife's death is perfectly handled, although having Soderbergh running things probably didn't hurt.

Edit: But that's just my two cents. Maybe I just have a man crush on Matt Damon.
I didn't use to like Matt Damon, but lately I've noticed that he's actually pretty good. Every time I think if Matt Damon I always think of team America world police.

We could debate all day about who is the better actor, but frankly, it comes down to that preference. I prefer Leo, you prefer Matt. Either way, they'll both get an Oscar before they're done....hopefully.

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