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11-03-2012, 04:05 PM
It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
I don't know how you can have any kind of "make whole" provision now that there have been games lost plus the Winter Classic has been cancelled - it's hard to see how the league would come close to generating $3.3 billion in HRR for 2012-13. So how are you going to pay anyone their full salary without losing your shirt? It's a strange notion, if the NHL is, in fact, offering it.
The players would get prorated salaries of whatever remains of the season at the make it whole level which we would assume is higher than 50/50. Gm0ney I think the key is the contracts would still be linked to HRR so the dynamics of escrow would still be in play to adjust for dips or increases in HRR and how that impacts salary adjustments. Stating it simply the players salaries would still be subject to adjustments visa vie the escrow process. At least that is my take.

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