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Originally Posted by petrskudra1 View Post
Ill be on from 6-8 tonight for those who need to play edm

Ominous, I know we have each other on the schedule lets find a time to play.

Think I have Van, Cal, Ana, and LA on the schedule as well
The bolded are all CPU owned (for now) so you can play them on your own.

I am on right now if you'd like to play. I want to play you in the playoffs if things go well. It'd be fun to actually have a series. If you win 2/3 of those CPU games, you are pretty much a lock to make the playoffs. Be sure to beat Anaheim, as they are right on your heels.

I am thinking of advancing the schedule at midnight tonight and beginning playoffs tomorrow. I messaged 7/8 "bubble" GMs and received no replies, except from Dewey. If you have objections, send them my way before midnight. I will gladly give out an extension.

If you are inactive for >3 days during the playoffs and are unresponsive, I'm not sure yet what will happen. We haven't done this yet. I'm hoping to avoid those difficulties.

Please, if I or another GM message you, respond. It'll make things simpler for everyone who is trying to play their playoff games.

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