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11-03-2012, 04:41 PM
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Just come to a ****ing agreement! The league is clearly willing to move off its stance, just ****ing sit in a room and come to an agreement! This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen... that a "professional" league can't come to an agreement when a majority of the principles could be figured out if they would just sit in a room for longer than 10 minutes.

Everyone is to blame. The players for not truly understanding the things they say with social media and making things worse, and this weasel Bettman for strongarming the players when he could have just NEGOTIATED all these principles, the same ones he said the league wouldn't come off of!

Seriously, it's beyond comprehensible at this point. Just sit in a room and figure this out and get back to playing hockey. If the players and the league want to steal the spotlight, do so in a positive manner! Expand, add more Winter Classic games, come up with more positive developments for this league. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT.

I'm really on the verge of walking away from this mess of a league. I can't come up with a good reason why I spend as much money as I do on this league when they are this far removed from reality. The players have a point that having a lockout is not a negotiating tactic.

Cut the **** Gary and get the deal done. Enough is enough. If they lose this season they can kiss my white ass, I'm done. It took me over a year to come back to hockey after the last lockout. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't make it two ****ing years with this league.

/rant, but I'm really losing it. I just suffered immensely from this hurricane, and all I need right now is hockey. Everyone involved with the league needs to realize that while it's entertainment for most, for others it's engraved in our bloodlines. I know I speak for many in the Northeast that having hockey back would be such a huge positive for us in such a horrible time.

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