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11-03-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The record is not at all reflective of the team that the Eskimos are headed into the playoffs with. Several of the losses, and some of the one sided losses you mentioned occurred when we were scrambling to find D lineman and linebackers to throw out there. For a large part of the season it was the Sheritt show all day any day but not as much by design as who else did we have back there with game experience. Which is precisely what a plethora of injuries in key spots does to a team.
There is no doubt that injuries on defence hurt this team. With the sad sack offense this team had it really depended heavily on the defence to keep it in games.
The offence hasn't been much, we know that. For much of the year Toronto didn't have anything going in that regard either. Although I'm sure you can trot out a meaningless QB efficiency rating which to me as has much validity as a Corsi rating when applied to the CFL.
Please explain how the Corsi is meaningless and while your at it please explain a better way to rate a QB.

That aside do you really need more evidence that Jyles and Joseph are junk or are you still clinging to this unsupported fantasy that they are still viable QB's?

I really don't know how you can deny that this team had the game won 4 times in situations where they were in FG position and found a way to screw the pooch. Its too bad, some bad breaks, kind of how things can go when you're getting the worst possible breaks. Our season series with Calgary alone is absolute indication of that. I mean we had potential game winning FG's on the tee three times. Twice with it being the last play of the game. If you want to talk about our record being reflective thats fine, you're the only one believing it. Well, probably PDO.
I am not denying anything. I watched every game (some games more than once) and I saw breaks going both ways. This team was very lucky to win some games and very unlucky to lose some.

It all balances out and in the end the record is fitting IMO because it accurately reflect the deficiencies in this roster...primarily the putrid offence.

Thankfully Tillman has now lost his job. The timing was a surprise but it was very fitting considering the damage he did with the Ray trade and his other trades.

So the failed Tillman experiment is now over...sadly the damage he inflicted now has to be undone.

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