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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
You might want to check Bourque's "remaining" years ('80-91). Using's rounded numbers, I calculate ~.85 PPG for those seasons. Using my own numbers, I calculate ~.86 PPG. So it would seem adjusted stats give Bourque ~10% edge for his '80-91 seasons vs. Lidstrom's '02-12 seasons.
Bah, on re-check I also relaised that '95 screws all the numbers anyway but I did figure out where I screwed up. You're right though, they were off.
Should read

Raw Career PpG: Bourque-.98 Lidstrom-.73
ADJ Career PpG: Bourque-.86 Lidstrom-.76
Raw 10year(92-01) in the league together: Bourque-.86 Lidstrom-.73
Adj 10year(92-01) in the league together: Bourque-.85 Lidstrom-.74
Raw remaining years: (80-91)Bourque-1.07 (02-12)Lidstrom-.73
ADJ remaining years: (80-91)Bourque-..87 (02-12)Lidstrom-.76

Obviously this changes the weight I give AS's in this case to around a 7 instead of a 2 or 3.
Bourque and Lidstrom's non-shared years still doesn't jive with the other info though.
Like how 2 of Bourque's 3 worst offensive years were in their shared years and 3 of Lidstrom's 4 worst offensive years were in their non-shared years yet the numbers don't reflect this.
Bourque is losing too much in his non-shared years while Lidstrom is gaining too much in his non-shared years.

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