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11-03-2012, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Not that people should be shocked, but TSN is awfully quick to take what the NHL gives them and go tell it on the mountain.

Both sides should go all the way now, in my opinion.

If I was the owners, my next move is to wipe everything out. Just announce you're cancelling the whole schedule, but intend to continue working on a deal. They'd have to create a new schedule anyways. Stop pretending that you're trying to save something, and don't let the players try to pretend they are either. Fans will simply go into apathy. In 2005, a deal got done when hockey fans themselves stopped paying attention and acting like they're caught up in the middle.

If I'm the players, since the NHL refuses to so much as read their proposals, I refuse to negotiate until Bettman and Daly are removed. See how bad they're willing to lose everything. Even pro-owner people know Bettman has little respect for the game, and is showing even less respect to the players. And as a fan, I can live with another lost season if it means I never have to see Bettman's face again. In 2005, a deal (also) got done because both sides took Bettman (and Goodenow) out of the room.

It's just bewildering how much the league is willing to give up to help franchises in markets that only hope to break even, if not completely unworkable.
I agree on all counts. I have to wonder if Bettman et al really understand how bad this looks to people. 3 lockouts on his watch is too many. Get rid of him and his half-baked, southern expansion ideas and give the game the respect it deserves.

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