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11-03-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
It's a terrible analogy because one strategy is logically defensible, while the other isn't, precisely because of the bolded. Crosby is one, Plekanec isn't, at least not given our situation.
Try not to focus so much on the names, but rather understand the message behind the analogy. It's not because we're not contenders or that we finished low in the standings one year that we absolutely have to move Plekanec, or that we won't improve with him on it either.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
If you're unable to look at this team, and see that it's pretty bad, then unfortunately, this conversation will be fruitless. So long as you think we're "one piece away," and "we were first a few years ago," there's nothing to be said. It's the strategy we've employed for a long time instead of biting the bullet and getting our rebuild. Now people are creaming their shorts over Galchenyuk, a player they would've never dreamed of getting because they're too damn proud and stupid to realize the nature of the game. You need elite talent to win it all, and it predominantly comes in one form.
When did I ever say we were one piece away exactly?
Are team does not look very strong, however, we haven't seen it play yet. I don't have much confidence in it, but where it'll be three years from now is completely unknown. Let's start by waiting for the new CBA to come in.
Yes, you do need some elite talent to win, among other things. Trading Plekanec does not guarantee bringing us that. As I said before, if we package him in order to get a big return, I'm all ears. I never said he's immovable, my point is moving him because we're not contenders is quite the bad reason.
You don't move good valuable players just because you're not a contender. You need your young players to have solid veterans around.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
It would be bad because we would get nothing for him. Whereas now, we could preserve his value for potentially much longer than his expected shelf life, if we just hold him till he's worthless, then what? Clearly getting something for a player is better than getting nothing.

If no players are showing signs of being better than Plekanec, then I would support a full scale rebuild: without question.

Who knows where we will be in 3years. We have a new administration, a new coach, and eventually a new CBA with new rules.
That's because you're only looking at the return.
We would not get nothing. Young players would have a model both in and off the ice, and Plekanec has that winner attitude, SC winning teams have players like him.
We already have 4 picks in the first two rounds in the next draft, unless Plekanec brings in Elite return, you're better off keeping him.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Markov I don't think would fetch much, as he has a ton of risk, and will very likely not be the same player ever again. Plekanec though, is unique. He is so responsible for our team at least not rolling over and dying(I think he's a great player, btw), that moving him would maximize our own draft picks, as well as bringing in a very good return. That's why I tend to single out Pleky. Unique combination.
Markov's status is still unknown, but according to your own words ''it would be bad because we would get nothing'', so even if he's value is low, might as well get something seeing as it's better than nothing. But there's Cole and Gionta that you forgot to mention as well that have decent to good value, and if your objective is to maximize draft picks, than why not move them as well.

Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
I think it's independent of our young guys taking over, as moving Pleky has as much to do with maximizing our draft as anything else.
It isn't. You don't trade players good players without knowing if you have someone ready to fill in that void, unless your plan is to do a massive rebuild and give yourself 3-5years of bad, bad seasons. You also will need to bring in good veterans, like Plekanec, that are solid leaders and role models for your youngsters.

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