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#16: Montreal on the clock

Sorry for posting another draft thread but I'm doing a board to board mock draft. I will keep the results updated in the mock draft board. I can't outlaw "outsider" votes, but that's okay as long as the vote is based on some informed opinion of the player's talent and organizational needs. No sabotage please! Make your selection with the Canadiens interest at heart. Tiebreakers will go into OT for one extra day.

*IMPORTANT* By this stage in the draft there are more realistic possibilities than polling options. I realize some people might take exception w/ some of the players I have included or left out of the poll. You can cast a vote for a player that isn't listed. You must select "other" in the poll, then write in "other: (player's name)" in this thread. Voting will end Friday at 6pm eastern.

Make your selection for the #16 pick (ignore trade possibilities). If there isn't a good fit and you want to trade, draft for value. The Habs are now on the clock. Good luck!

1) STL...... d E. Johnson 77-47-8-8-8-3 (Kessel, Toews, Staal, Backstrom, Frolik)
2) PIT....... c P. Kessel 73-12-9-7-2-1 (Toews, Staal, Backstrom, Frolik, Brassard)
3) CHI....... w J. Toews 30-9-8-2-1-1 (Backstrom, Staal, Frolik, Mueller, Okposo)
4) WAS..... c J. Staal 49-46-6-4-1 (Backstrom, Mueller, Frolik, Brassard)
5) BOS...... c N. Backstrom 53-13-3-7 (Mueller, Little, others)
6) CLM...... c P. Mueller 37-8-3-1-1 (Brassard, Frolik, Little, other)
7) NYI....... c D. Brassard 32-11-8-6-14 (Frolik, Williams, Okposo, others)
8) PHO...... rw K. Okposo 12-10-9-5-2-2 (Sheppard, Frolik, Little, Tlusty, others)
9) MIN...... rw M. Frolik 10-4-4-3-6 (Little, Sheppard, Tlusty, others)
10) FLO..... lw J. Sheppard 10-8-4-3-2-4 (Sang., Williams, Little, Tlusty, others)
11) LA....... d B. Sanguinetti 23-14-12-9-7 (Tlusty, Williams, Little, others)
12) ATL..... c B. Little 24-5-3-4 (Williams, Tlusty, others)
13) TOR..... f J. Tlusty 45-9-4-4-12 (Williams, Stewart, Emmerton, others)
14) VAN..... rw C. Stewart 37-13-11-8-8-17 (Will., Forney, Wish't, Emmerton, o/s)
************************************************** *********
15) TB....... g R. Helenius 5*-5-4-10 (Forney, Williams, others)
16) MTL..... d T. Wishart 60-37-34-11-31 (Vishnevski, Williams, Giroux ,others)
18) COL.....

link w/ upper CSB rankings:

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