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11-03-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
If the teams offense is worse with Amar'e, that's a coaching problem. It's the defense that would suffer. Let's see how many bad Melo games it takes before people are clamoring for the "overrated" Amar'e. I don't think Carmelo is going to be as involved on defense as he was last night against other teams, I hope I'm wrong though.
Man, you're hating on Melo. First you were "disappointed" that he couldn't sustain his 1q performance for the whole game last night (something completely ridiculous to even be disappointed about, as pretty much no player besides Michael Jordan could have sustained that type of quarter for all 4). Now you're making assumptions about how he'll play defense (based on Melo's defensive performance under Mike "no defense" D'antoni and George "i can't control any of my players" Karl). I also love the fact that you are already taking Melo having a lot of bad games as a given... and with what proof? Not much besides your opinion.

One, know who the coach is buddy. Mike Woodson is a disciple of Bobby Knight and while that doesn't mean they are one and the same, they preach very very similar things. It's all about accountability and discipline under Knight's system. If you've learned anything from what Woodson has said, or the actions he's taken in games and in practice from midway last year, it's that he believes the same accountability principles. Melo is no different than any other player on this roster in terms of defensive responsibility, and if he thinks he's above it, WHICH THERE IS NO SIGN THAT HE DOES, he will undoubtedly sit longer than he wants to sit.

As for sustaining a 1st quarter like the one he had, was that a serious comment? What were you expecting Melo to continue shooting 4/5 behind the arc every quarter and continue to dominate, especially when the Heat made the change to put Lebron on Melo instead of Battier? If so, then you will be disappointed a lot this season with how not only Melo plays but any other player for that matter as well.

As for the "overrated" Amare. People really need to chill about him. The criticism on him last year was warranted. But no one ever mentions that his brother died tragically at the beginning of last season and the effect that must of had on him for the duration of the season. Or the fact that the lockout affected his conditioning and preparation for the season. I think its very unfortunate he had an injury right now because I really did expect a strong rebound season for him, still do if he can get back into shape after this injury.

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