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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Fetisov's peak vs Bourque's peak might be debatable, but Fetisov vs Bourque isn't much of a contest. In an all-time context, it would be silly to ignore that the players had similar peaks but one of them was clearly the better player in all other phases of his career.
Again, it seems to me that you're saying "it's debatable as long as you consciously exclude the factors that make it one-sided", which is kind of symbolic of where this whole conversation has been for the past couple of pages.
Or maybe some people value peak higher than longevity. If you think that is silly, then I have to live with that. But I for my part wouldn't call "career guys" silly (or maybe even insincere? "consciously excluding the factors that make it one-sided") just because they see things in a different way...

On the substance of the debate, I don't have a big issue with what you say. As long as you also claim that (for example) Potvin vs Bourque is not much of a contest either, I'm fine with it. I don't agree 100%, but I see your point and I think it's very reasonable. We just don't agree on what to call a contest and what not. Does that make me silly? Feel free to think so.

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