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11-03-2012, 06:22 PM
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My view: Another week... same story.

love to hear the rumors but nothing is really changing. I hope they aren't meeting to decide whether they can meet to determine if they can meet to discuss the shape of the negotiating table?

The lockout isn't about Bettman or Fehr. After every lockout we read how the profitable team are incensed by Bettman's play. Surprising isn't it? Is Fehr, who was brought in to "drive fear" into the owners, going to lose support after a couple of weeks?

Fehr isn't going to make a deal this early unless the owners roll over. The PA isn't going to hand Bettman another winning hand in early November. My thesis: where is the urgency to hammer out a deal going to come from if too many participants are still lined up to battle for their turf?

Real money has to be lost by each side before the rank and file can rise up to possibly take control. That's still my view.

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