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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
True. I have heard Gretzky say that regardless of what team drafts you, you should be honoured to be part of that team. Proud to wear that sweater. Because if you don't a million other guys would. He wasn't poking it at Lindros, but just in general. Here is the best player that ever lived and if there was someone who could easily feel like he was above the game it was him, but he didn't. Lindros, who had never even stepped on NHL ice felt entitled and in a way it started a snowball effect to how we see players today. Young players especially. Lindros earned nothing at that time and even at his best was never in Gretzky's universe at HIS best.
That's one thing I never understood. You should be honoured that they force you to play for a certain team? A team that you're not interested in and don't want to have anything to do with? Honoured that they take away your choice? For a European like me it's amazing to see that in free-market North America a rigid illiberal system, dwelling in a grey era of the law, is not only openly in place, but also glorified as a moral issue and almost adored like a religious fetish. I believe Lindros had his flaws, but not mistaking the Draft System for a sacred institution is not one of them.

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