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11-03-2012, 06:34 PM
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AHL is like minor league baseball teams (e.g. Camden RiverSharks in Camden, NJ). it's meant for areas with little or no competition of sports, meaning areas where people would normally have to drive hours for the same entertainment... If there are arenas in those areas (which in most cases, since the AHL only averages 9-10k per game), they are most likely able to be filled.

That being said, IZOD is a horrible, horrible arena. Everything about it is completely outdated.

Newark is NOT a hockey market. The only reason the devils moved there is because of mass transit and easier access from NYC... Not to mention the fact that IZOD center SUCKS major peepee...

Brooklyn is NOW a hockey market, and that being said, no... AHL will not occupy it, since the Islanders just announced there moving-in to the building

Nassau County is dead in the water. Won't be surprised to see that building destroyed in the coming years...

Again, that leaves only a few small arenas in non-metropolitan areas of NJ/NY... And those arenas are either too far, or two small for most people to travel.

Lastly, Hockey is a niche sport... These are not locations for niche sports to nip fans out of a dead pond... these people care about baseball and football.. not hockey.

So no, there will never be an AHL team less than an hour outside of Northern NJ... Which is fine. I have no problem driving 1.25 hours from Northern NJ to Bridgeport Connecticut whenever the Whale plays the Soundtigers

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