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11-03-2012, 06:42 PM
Can We Fold The Team
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It's good to see everybody has calmed down over Hall's hit last night and they realize that it was actually a clean hit (shoulder to shoulder, not a head shot) that resulted in an injury. I still believe the only reason he got penalized like that was because Brodin's brain bucket went flying (which is more likely because most players wear their skid lid too loose than anything else), and the fact that he was down on the ice more than anything. If he had gotten right up, i doubt there would have even been a penalty called at all.

That being said, kids need to have their heads on a swivel tonight for sure and should be letting each other know if they have a man on them, especially when they are close to the boards or cant see the guy coming at them.

Anyways, should be a good game tonight. Hopefully no more injuries to either team.

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