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11-03-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
And i have renowned cooking abilities, but with no oven and an hour before my dinner party, i don't expect to win come dine with me.

See above ; pointless analogy/comparison that makes no sense.

No, Jeff Skinner is not Malkin. Nor are other countless high end NHL forwards. I do not see your point.

The difference between Jeff Skinner and Rocco Grimaldi is quite significant. One is undersized, the other is a tiny. One jumped to the NHL immediately, and had immediate and dynamic offensive success. The other is just beginning to establish himself as a good NCAA player and is 5 ft 6.

We can all throw out fanciful statements because if we want to (Just ask Gudbranson4Prez ; he'd probably win the US presidential race). I still see the idea that Grimaldi was a top 5 talent of his draft. People need to understand that size, reach are important too. Top 5 "talents" usually require more than just immense puck skills and speed. The NHL, if people haven't realised yet, is not a league where those skills are neccessairly always king.

Of course, Grimaldi is a talented prospect. High end skills offensively, with a relatively complete array of offensive tools. He skates very well, handles the puck beautifully and can score alot. It's plausible that he becomes an NHL scorer. Yet, the odds are stacked against him. You don't need to be neccessairly huge in the NHL, but there are reasons why the NHL isn't littered with 5 ft 6 players.
Umm, did you not read my statement that said "I'm not saying Grimaldi will have Skinner-like success in the NHL"? Maybe to you it read something like this "I think Grimaldi will most definitely be at least as good and probably better than Skinner". Anyway, who knows what Grimaldi will be at this point. He may never be as successful as Skinner, I mean I'm not going to say he has no chance to not as successful as Skinner. Unlike yourself when you said he won't have the NHL success Skinner has/will have. I'm not going to say he has no chance to have the success of Skinner. He could be as good as Skinner, he could not be as good as Skinner. He could be better than Skinner. Unless when you make that statement you are willing to bet your life on the fact that he won't have the NHL success of Skinner, that's a useless statement.

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