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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
Total BS

"Kennedy is not a good passer"

This is same head in the sand attitude that affects all the "watch the game" guys. I see nothing but opinions here supported by not a single piece of data. If you actually started to bring data and results to the table, you'd find your opinion has more mileage.

For example:
Clicking on the link above shows TK ranked #8 overall last year in first assists / 60min. This isn't among the Pens, but the entire league of forwards.

Pretty hard to believe that a top 10 assist guy could be a "terrible" passer on any account. These aren't the give-me bonus 2nd assists either. He was top 10 in 1st assists/min of icetime. He is making the last pass before a goal is scored on a top 10 (NHL) level. Do you see how actually confirming your opinion with data makes that opinion turn more towards fact than just uniformed opinion? My opinion of TK is that he is generally an above average passer and that a lot of his passes also go off the goaltender to rebound shot opportunities (which are very high % shots). Granted, last year was his best year to date, but he is nearing his peak. He has generally been around top 50 in 1st assists in the NHL prior to last year.

While you are browsing the list, take a glance at all the company that TK keeps in play-making. Once again, I question what you guys are "watching" when TK hits the ice? It is quite a bit different from what I see. I would expect to see a "terrible passer" outside the top 150 on this list (ie below average), not inside the top 10.

I see TK as a great possession play-maker type that is let down sometimes by shot selection. I would love to see what he can do setting up Crosby's/Dupers shot on a consistent basis. He has the speed, agility, work ethic, and stick handling to play with them. He will have to slightly change his game to play with superior talent, but I am pretty confident he can do that.
That stat doesn't tell you what you think it tells you. For one, you can get an assist without passing the puck. Two, those per 60 minutes stats tend to be a joke. His career high for assists is 24. I don't care what the per 60 minutes tells you; Tyler Kennedy is not a "top 10 assist guy" and he is not a great possession play-maker. He is a capable possession playmaker against depth defensemen. There is a reason he doesn't get more minutes with Sid or Geno and its pretty simple. He doesn't deserve more minutes with Sid or Geno. He isn't a top 6 player. We have been looking for a good RHS wing for the top 6 for a while now. I'm sure the coaches aren't overlooking TK for ***** and giggles. They are overlooking him because he isn't a good option for the position.

Seriously, I like TK. He's a solid 3rd liner. But calling him a top 10 assist guy in the league is a freaking joke. His 22 assists are good enough to tie him for 184th in the league in assists. Lets pretend he played a full season (something he has never done in his career) and we see that he would jump all the way up to 30 assists; good for a tie for 100th in the league.

I just don't get how you can look at a guy's per 60 minute stats and call him a top player at a skill without asking the obvious question "why isn't he getting more minutes?" Dupuis had a higher points per 60 minutes than Giroux last year at even strength. If you were a coach and needed your team to score an even strength goal, would you want Giroux or Dupuis on the ice?

Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
The TK hate is, at times, extreme and unnecessary.

People that are nitpicking his shot selection or passing abilities are missing the big picture.

He's not a skill-guy. Points wise he's a mediocre winger, but he works hard, forechecks, gets to a lot of loose pucks and wins more battles than he loses.. he's fairly paid and is a good fit for a 3rd line role. And in spurts he's shown he can keep up in a top 6 spot too, if the need arises. I've always liked him and I think it'd be harder to replace him than some might think.

I agree with this. I like him in his 3rd line role. He's also a decent enough fill-in for injuries in the top 6.

Originally Posted by bambamcam4ever View Post
I didn't say I wanted him on the 1st PP.
fair enough. Though he is used on the 2nd unit already. We just barely use the 2nd unit.

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