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11-03-2012, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post

I suppose its time for me to post about my soccer auctions as well:

Clint Metz CM, 21, 3/6, 940 OR, 71 AQ
Domink Wohlgemuth F, 19, 5/6, 814 OR, 74 AQ
Emory Chappell RD, 22, 4/6, 826 OR, 68 AQ
Michel Reedy CM, 16, 5/6, 699 OR, 78 AQ
Paul Werner G, 15, 6/6, 447 OR, 78 AQ
Edwin Bouchard CD, 15, 5/6, 464 OR, 71 AQ
Hmmm. Metz and Chappell. I was hoping for more who's replacing them? I assume it's a couple of 100M ringers.

I'm still not sure what to do with my kids. I love having the prospects to develop, but I think it might be in my team's best interest to do what Obryantj has done. He's bought some good older players to fill the gaps. Unfortunately, I'd have to sell my youngsters to do that. Bit of a catch 22.

In hockey, I actually won a game today! Sure, it was just a friendly,but I haven't won a friendly since September!

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