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11-03-2012, 08:52 PM
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Well that's shocking haha.

I think he was an upgrade over Danny M(lets be ****ing honest, Oprah has a better footballing mind than that moron).

I don't he was all bad as some others think. Our Canadian talent is pretty good and much much more improved than what it was under the idiot before him.

I think the Ray and McKnight trades did him in. And rightfully so. I still can't seem to wrap my hear around the McKnight trade. It doesn't make a lick of sense. We paid out of our behind for a K who we didn't use.

From here I only want two things.

1.) Hire someone without the extra baggage that Tillman had. I know people will never admit to it, but alot of people disliked Tillman right off the bat due to his run in with the law. It caused a lot of tension away from the field and you can't have that. Hire someone who knows football inside and out, and someone who as a person everyone can agree on to be this franchises' GM.

2.) This is a bigger point for me, but stability. If by chance our new GM doesn't like Kavis and his staff, we have another coaching change. For the offense it might not be a big issue, but for the D it would represent their 3rd DC in as many seasons. Stability is huge for any football club. Who ever we hire, and weather they want a new coaching staff, lets hope that we have these people in place for the foreseeable future.

One has to look at the Oakland Raiders to see how constant changing in coaching (8 coaches in 10 seasons) can **** up players, especially young players and their development.

Whatever Tillman did to piss off the board must have been big(and I'm curious as to what he did so I'll be scouring the papers in the future), but lets get stability back in this club.

The good thing from this is we get the excitement of looking through potential candidates. Anyone got a favorite as to who they want to see here and can give reasons why?

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