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11-03-2012, 08:30 PM
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Holy crap these Lake Erie announcers are a bunch of retards.

"omg Olsen with a diry cheap shot! Olsen and Rockford are gooning it up and they started it earlier with their sticks in certain places..they are known to get dirty...Olsen commits the dirty play and then doesn't look like he wants to fight...Lake Erie guy was ready to pound Olsen...Yep, Olsen launched himself in the air to hit him...dirty."

5 minutes later they realize the penalty was on Beach for Elbowing and NOT Olsen....

"oh, looks like it was on Beach" ... silence

So they didn't even see what the penalty was, yet they claimed it was so dirty and Olsen should be beaten and Rockford is dirty. How can you not even know what happened and act so smug and ridiculous? They didn't even wait for a replay...the game isn't broadcasted so they just decided it was dirty hit by Olsen without bothering to look at a replay. They have been a bunch of morons all game.

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