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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
On this forum, Nash and St-Denis have lots of fans, though I'm not among them.
Fans or not, I am not saying I do not like them as players. However, we can all agree that Lefebvre should be developing our youth, and that means playing them in pressure situations such as the last minute of a close game... Just do not understand this..

Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Benched due to him blowing his cover on the guy in front of the net, which led to Rochester's third goal. It was a bonehead play, although not entirely his fault with St-Denis losing his guy in the corner. Still, as a defender, you are taught NEVER to leave the guy you are covering in front of the net open. Lefebvre did the right thing by sitting Beaulieu. That's what you do with young players playing in their first AHL season.
Agreed, he did blow cover. But however St-Denis is just as much as fault as Beaulieu as he did not get the puck out and essentially caused the turnover, forget the fact that he lost his guy. I don't agree about sitting him, they are young, and they will mistakes. They will learn, You do not think Beaulieu knows he should have stayed infront? Either way, I prefer to get a L and have our youth develop, he could have replaced Beaulieu with Tinordi or Ellis and I would have been pleased.

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