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Originally Posted by HabsPassion View Post
Agreed, he did blow cover. But however St-Denis is just as much as fault as Beaulieu as he did not get the puck out and essentially caused the turnover, forget the fact that he lost his guy. I don't agree about sitting him, they are young, and they will mistakes. They will learn, You do not think Beaulieu knows he should have stayed infront? Either way, I prefer to get a L and have our youth develop, he could have replaced Beaulieu with Tinordi or Ellis and I would have been pleased.
Sorry, I disagree on all fronts here.

As mentioned before, St-Denis is not a rookie. He'll get his ear chewed off on the bench but benching a player after a bad mistake is usually meant for rookies who need to still learn as they go. Whether Beaulieu knows or not, doesn't make a difference. Hopefully now he knows that making a mistake like that will lead to a benching. Had he stayed in front and covered the guy, the option of a pass out front would have not been there. The player with the puck would have likely had to circle around the net.

I'd rather have the W and have these kids learn under a winning way. Beaulieu got the proverbial monkey off his back by picking up an assist, learned a lesson about covering your man at all times, and got to celebrate a hard fought victory.

Originally Posted by HabsPassion View Post
How? So you are saying Veterans should be making mistakes, but rookies are not allowed. If anything, it should be the opposite.. I don't agree with this at all.. sorry.
I didn't say that. I said veterans and rookies are treated differently. St-Denis lost his man due to speed, not a mistake in judgement. Beaulieu left his man out in front to cover someone that he shouldn't have been covering.

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