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11-03-2012, 09:41 PM
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OK, I'm going to call out Rhodes here.

He admits in his press release that he had been thinking about canning Tillman for a long time and that he deliberated about it. As others have mentioned here there was nothing stopping him from stepping in and overruling Tillmans latest weird transactions like giving away our #1 pick and letting Boyd walk. If he had serious doubts about management then he should've engaged in due dilligence and required major moves to be run by him.

If Rhodes had these feelings about Tillman for quite awhile then what did it matter(for Tillmans credibility) if he stepped in on behalf of the org to veto a deal? He could've even done this with the RR trade, or requested more in exchange.

Its incomprehensible, and incompetent really, that Rhodes would sit idly by while Tillman was engaged in transactions that the org couldn't have been in support of.

I'm just a fan, people here know my impressions of RR but I'm not in any professional capacity posting here. Rhodes has a mandate to the team, fans and org and has CLEARLY failed that. His decision today just magnifies that he should be next on the block. Basically admitting he was not in agreement with Tillmans direction, did not want him going forward but allowed him to take actions that compromise the org.


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