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Originally Posted by nye View Post
Oh my gosh. And here I thought I was being pessimistic on the economy.
If you venture most anywhere out of Alberta over the last several years its not hard to see.

Its not getting better either. I didn't even mention the relative death of the middle class in the US. The death of average hopes and dreams. Of a country where healthcare and education are prohibitively expensive and jobs not widely available and well paying anyway.

I'm not talking about the Alberta economy ftr and we'll be OK for awhile and have one of the best umbrellas for the storm. But its hit pretty much everywhere and with Europe, China, Japan, US suffering greatly. Who exactly are the world economy saviors right now?

The NHL has existed in an apparent vacuum in respect to the US economy these past 10yrs and largely due to Canadian revenue increases, increased Canadian dollar, better Canadian economy etc. Canadian clubs economic performance and US TV contracts have currently fogged the overall decline in the US and specifically gate revenues.

Finally, Increased TV contracts are largely a result of the explosion of satellite/available channels and in concert with hdtv have resulted in a huge transfiguration of American entertainment and another "cocooning" phenomenon. But this also due to the downturn in the economy and TV entertainment being the cheapest means to entertainment available. Theres a perfect storm of factors for the TV industry that won't be repeated. The increased amounts for Hockey TV contracts won't likely be sustained. Ratings will probably indicate that such endorsements are not warranted either. NBC/Fox has made these NHL gambits before. They've never panned out into much of anything for the Networks.

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