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Originally Posted by voyageur View Post
I agree with your assessment of Burmistrov, would not mind seeing him and Kane between a vet like Jokinen, preserving the Ladd-Little-Wheeler line. Not sure you'll see Slater and Cormier as 3-4, that's pretty light on offense, and I think Scheifle or O'Dell could provide better options in the 3 spot, but that's just me, I prefer 3 scoring lines. Cormier to me is a bottom line player, but given how useful Slater is, I'm not sure where Cormier fits in. The sandpaper and faceoff ability he has makes him intriguing, maybe he plays with Slater and Thor. But for that to happen I think he would have to prove he is a better option on the PK than Mittens. Wouldn't mind seeing him kill penalties with Kane, as they made a decent duo for the Canadian juniors.

As for Maxwell, I think he is underrated. I watched him evolve in Montreal. He was slated as a Carbo type centre, got a lot of minor league playing time with Pacioretty, successfully, but then Montreal buried him behind Lapierre, Chipchura, and Gainey's yearly veteran acquisitions. Thought after bouncing around last year, he finally showed his worth at the end of the season. Was the best centre for the Jets at the end of the season given his limited role. Would not mind seeing him and Mach pushing Antropov-Poni for playing time. I think Maxwell is a better skater than Cormier and a much better passer and shot. I think he has more potential as a 25-30 point pivot, whether in Winnipeg or elsewhere.
Hmm interesting...

I admit, I haven't seen much of Maxwell previous to this year but Cormier and him at SJ were almost point-for-point the same in pts/gp with Maxwell getting far more TOI and having those minutes being more offence friendly. Cormier is also able to play both wings so if he can't usurp Slater's 4th line C role then he may take the LW or RW on the 4th line.

I really don't think Machacek or Maxwell will ever be regulars on a third line, unless on a team lacking in depth. They are both 24, meaning they are close to peaking, if they haven't already (most forwards peak between 24-26). IMHO, on a team that is gearing for more of a 3-scoring-lines system, all three of these players (Cormier, Maxwell and Machacek) will probably be looking to fill the 4th line role which will most likely go to Machacek and Cormier due to their superior grit and defensive abilities.

Slightly off topic and more for my own interest:

I decided to look up something up. The best ways to evaluate someones production is to check how hard/soft their minutes were (using QoC and OZS) and looking at "puck luck" (using sh%, OnIceSH% and PDO).

NameAgeRelQoCOZStart OZfinish GPRelCorsi SOG SH% OnIceSh% PDO #FO FO%
Spencer Machacek 24 -0.058 59.1 57.4 15 -10.1 12 16.7 26.32 1217 1 100.0
Ben Maxwell 24 -1.328 65.7 56.1 13 -14.4 10 10.0 13.33 1087 59 44.1
Patrice Cormier 22 -1.133 41.7 45.9 9 11.9 8 0.00 6.90 1019 30 73.3

  • He was sheltered while on the 4th line (where all his points come from) but also played some tough minutes when he did injury relief on the GST line, overall pretty middle-of-the-road to soft minutes.
  • Overall he wasn't able to outplay the other team as shown by his negative corsi, most of his negative corsi comes from his time on GST though.
  • Spencer Machacek leads the league in OnIceSH% and PDO for any forward in the NHL to play +10 games... that shows a lot of the points that occurred while he was on the ice isn't typical of his skill.

  • He was sheltered both in ANA and WPG. Lined up pretty much only against the other teams 4th line and in predominately in the offensive zone.
  • Maxwell didn't do well on either team in beating the competition.
  • While Machacek lead the league in OIS and PDO, Maxwell came 7th and 2nd respectively

  • He saw mostly 4th liners as well, but -- unlike the other two -- he was mostly in the defensive zone
  • He actually beat the opponents corsi wise, but keep in mind these are small samples, so he may not be as good as that
  • Cormier had no points but the team did beat the other two in possession and shots-per-game
  • Cormier also was the only one of the three to end in the offensive zone more often than he started, which shows more on how he was able to push the play forward

I think all 3 of these guys are capable 4th liners but there probably will be only 1 or 2 spots available and that means that Cormier and Machacek may be preferred due to the points I placed above, even though Maxwell is a bit better offensively

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