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11-03-2012, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Crottenham View Post
Doesn't your comment simply suggest that the officials should be under greater scrutiny if you believe players need to take things into their own hands?

My prediction is that fighting will be completely out of the game at all levels within the next 20 years.
I think you're right. The attitudes have shifted drastically just recently, like in the last few years. The old school brawling Canadian hockey is being globalized in a sense, watered down. I am still in shock that youths now can't check until Bantam!

I only made it to 1 OHL game last season and there were easily 5 fights. This year in 6 games I've seen 1 or 2 maybe?? Already the players must be altering their behavior, I wondered if there was also a request from the League to lesson the fighting, or a larger agenda as Crottenham said, to eliminate it from the game.

I don't love fighting, it's usually a sideshow to real hockey. The game goes by so quick, you shouldn't have to prove that you will fight, there's so much better ways to defeat your opponent. The ones who will miss fighting in hockey the most are the 8 year olds who chant "fight, fight, fight," everytime the players scrum around the net.

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