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11-03-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
I don't think Trouba will spend 3-4 years in college. Likely just 2, imo, and would likely be further ahead than Redmond, Postma, O`Neill, Chiarot, Yuen, Sol, Serville or
Stoykewych in the depth chart when he does arrive. So, I would think Trouba would play, even if it is sheltered minutes as a 3rd pairing dman, once he left college.
I don't think we totally disagree.

I agree that when Trouba makes the transfer he will definitely jump ahead of all of those names...
My thoughts are, if he doesn't jump ahead of Redmond and Postma then he would be better served to continue in college.
Given two years Trouba (2012-2013 + 2013-2014) I think will 100% be ahead of anyone on that list not named Redmond and Postma, but I wouldn't say it's a guarantee for the other two, just a maybe...
He almost definitely will surpass them eventually, I'm just a little more conservative on development speed of anyone, which in my opinion is important when trying to look at depth needs/holes.

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