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11-04-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by njdevil26 View Post
Here's my reasoning for no Toronto 2nd team...

NY Metro Area: 22 million
GTA: 6 million

The math supports why each market has the number of teams they have.
What's the market penetration? You have a ratio of 7 1/3M each for the NYC teams and 3M each for the Toronto teams. The ratio of fans in that 3M is going to be FAR greater than in that 7 1/3M. Enough to have equal fan bases despite the disparity?

Let's be honest, if market size was an issue no one would ever THINK about putting a team in a place like Winnipeg again. It's market penetration that matters.

The issue would be 1) would the Leafs allow it and 2) how much would it cost to buy them off. Also you kinda wonder if Toronto fans are going to accept a second awful
hockey team. Imagine if the Leafs were just some random hockey team with no history, do they make that kind of money? I dunno.

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