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Originally Posted by razorsedge View Post
Sully1410- I actually howled at what you said after realizing your military. I used to be military. It was like being in an episode of survivor or big brother. I used to wear frag vest in case I got hit by a passing blade. Lol

Those comments by players mean nothing.
Granted there are people like that out there, just like there are everywhere(especially the Navy...), but I've never felt brotherhood like I did with the Army.

I do realize that in some is very much an eat your own mentality, but I guess our experiences differ.

I have not bad mouthed any of my sgts or Mcpls(PO's and MS's in navy talk) that I actually found to be a competent leader and soldier/sailor. The ones that were idiots, that I didn't respect...I did all the time.

You may be right. It very well could be nothing...however in my experience, it usually means that he's not respected. When it's your's a problem.

Out of curiosity, what unit were you with?

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