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Originally Posted by njdevil26 View Post
Well my personal opinion that's not backed up by anything is I think the Leafs and the NHL are scared to put a second team there while Toronto is struggling on the ice. The Leafs may lose fans and people may jump ship to the new team... I guarantee you when the Leafs FINALLY get back in the playoffs, the 2nd team in TO talk will pick up.
The second team is going to be god-awful and no threat to any established team in the market.

Look at the Bettman expansion class and other than the Sharks, have any of these teams become a consistent top team (granted the Sharks can't do anything in the playoffs to save their lives).... and really the Sharks are a special case because their expansion was treated more as a corporation breakup than an actual expansion.

The Ducks would be the second closest. Some of these teams have pretty much been abject failures as hockey organizations. Expansion doesn't = license to play playoff hockey.

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