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11-04-2012, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by kfan22 View Post
2:19Est or is it 1:19 now i cant imagine they are still meeting
Depends on what's being done. Given the relatively small area of disagreement, I'd imagine that the comment about "the rest can be done in 6 hours" is probably literally true.

If the two sides have reached at least a general agreement on Make Whole, it would make sense to proceed with the rest of a provisional CBA draft document and have it ready for voting on both sides ASAP. I'm sure there would still be more quibbling over details after tonight, but it would be within the context of having an agreed-upon framework. That's not entirely unrealistic, given the events that took place this week.

I mean, the bottom line here is that the most profitable thing for both sides is to start the season immediately. If they keep staring each other down at this point, it's for the sheer sake of trying to break the other side sometime in February.

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