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11-04-2012, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Howboutthempanthers View Post
Umm, did you not read my statement that said "I'm not saying Grimaldi will have Skinner-like success in the NHL"? Maybe to you it read something like this "I think Grimaldi will most definitely be at least as good and probably better than Skinner". Anyway, who knows what Grimaldi will be at this point. He may never be as successful as Skinner, I mean I'm not going to say he has no chance to not as successful as Skinner. Unlike yourself when you said he won't have the NHL success Skinner has/will have. I'm not going to say he has no chance to have the success of Skinner. He could be as good as Skinner, he could not be as good as Skinner. He could be better than Skinner. Unless when you make that statement you are willing to bet your life on the fact that he won't have the NHL success of Skinner, that's a useless statement.
I still fail to understand what Malkin has to do with anything. One can only assume it was to a hyperbolic discrediting tactic to make the reverse look more plausible.

The above is all just wishy washy nothingness. Sitting on the fence. I do not believe Grimaldi will have the type of NHL impact Skinner has/will have. Can i see into the future and bet my life? No, despite how incompetent a life i seem to lead.

Side note ; Has anybody been able to watch Delnov in the WHL this year? An absolute unknown to me.

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