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11-04-2012, 06:28 AM
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I've seen all save one game this year. My thoughts as of today.

Career AHLers

Question Marks
Berger - he is inconsistent. He has to bring a little more speed, jam and consistency if he hopes to make it to the NHL

Quailer - I was going to put him in the Career AHLers but he has a package that's intriguing. He has to bring a little more speed and a ton more jam. My gut tells me he won't

Avsin - a real question mark, Haven't seen him this year.

Palushaj - I don't like this player - never did. He's got more than decent speed but poor hockey IQ and sometimes plays like a chicken with its head cut off.

Nash - I was excited about this player two years ago. I have some reservations this year.

Desjardins - I think he'll play mostly in the A but I'm not basing that on this year. Hopefully he has improved his game.

Nattineen - needs more speed and lots more jam. He's in the same boat as Quailer.

Delmas - I was about to put him in the career ALHer list but he has shown me he has a spark of potential maybe.

Gallagher - the only question I have about this kid is will the toll finally get to him. He is tiny and plays a big man's game. Other than that he is something else.

Dumont - different skill set but what I said about Gallagher applies to Gabriel.

Geoffrion - I was ready to relegate him to the career AHLers last year but if he can bring to the NHL the jam he has shown this year I think he'll be a serviceable 3rd-4th liner in the NHL.

Pateryn - has to bring his overall game a notch higher and he'll find a place in the NHL.

Corbin - the second biggest surprise of this team. If he can cut down on the mental lapses he'll be a good physical stay at home d-man.

St.Denis - Has to improve on his consistency. Most games he looks like he belongs in the NHL. But has some poor games.

Ellis - I'm a little disappointed with his speed. He seems a step behind and I've seen him struggle to keep up. If he can improve on that he could move into the next level.

Mayer - He's still very young (22) but I see potential in this kid. Has to play a little more square to the shooter and has to improve his lateral movement.

Definite NHLers

Bournival - What's there not to like.

Leblanc - Had a slow start and then an injury but he belongs here.

Holland - biggest surprise on this team. If he can improve his shot and his speed he'll be a top six winger. No doubt in my mind.

Tinordi - best Bulldog so far. He knows his limits and plays within them.

Beaulieu - still has lackadaisical moments but seems to have only one or two a game as opposed to when he was a junior where he had one or two a shift. I think Nathan's only drawback is concentration. If he can stay focused every second of his swift he'll be a top notch d-man.

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