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Originally Posted by torero View Post
I respect the Gripen ! but seriously ... it is a cheaper plane than the Rafale and is delivered with a whole infrastructure around it, which is what made the difference.

So it was the Gripen, the Rafale and the Eurofighter typhoon. (not F22 ! pity )

here you have an article talking about the comparison between the 3 planes ... in french.
Yes yes Im just kidding. I'm sure the new Gripen will be good value for the money, or at least thats the plan.

The Gripen that Switzerand and Sweden is supposed to buy, isnt the one that is already developed, but a new upgraded version. As you kind of was saying the fighterplane wont be just a Swedish it will be a joint venture between the Swiss and Swedish state.

It should be quite enough for both our defences, both Sweden and Switzerland are small countires and cant affort do spend endless amounts of money on the military. Both Swiss and Swedish engineers and other developers/builders/admin/mechs/pilots will be engaged in development and maintenance of the new Gripen, which will hopefully benfit technology development in both countries.

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