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11-04-2012, 08:17 AM
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Watched the North Dakota game, Kristo had a much better game, his goal was nice but he made a great behind the back pass that if Knight scored would have been highlight reel all the way as it was a thing of beauty. MacMillan had a solid game again.

Also watched Galchenyuk last night and what a show he put on.

Just watched the Blades game from last night. Terrible 1st period for Dietz and Thrower, both made bad plays in their own end and took unnecssary penalties as they were lucky to get out of the period down just 2-0. Thrower threw an elbow while on the PK not very smart as it was pretty clear attempt, he also bobbled the puck right in front of his net.

Blades looked very disorganized in the 1st but then settled down in the 2nd and actually tied it up. Thrower set up the 1st goal as he exited the box and then he scored on the PP with a quick low shot from the point.

So many games on this weekend, several more on today, not sure how many I will get to see but would like to catch the Hudon vs Archambault.

Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
Wow, Bennett having a great start to the season. Not sure if I want him joining Hamilton next year though with all the other guys we'll have there.
I don't know what the plan will be, I could see Bennett turning pro unless he wants to get his degree. We also have to worry about the loop hole that Kristo went through last summer. If Bennett wants to turn pro, he can opt out of signing with the Habs, so will be very interesting to see what happens.

On the other hand, while I have only seen highlight clips from this season so far, he needs to continue to fill out his frame as that's my main concern for him.

As for Hamilton, the problem we have is with the RD's, since Thrower, Dietz, Nygren, Pateryn, Ellis, and Stejskal are all RD's that in theory could all be in Hamilton. Granted i'm sure they could loan Nygren back to the SEL if they sign him and Stjeskal can go back to the ECHL easily which makes it easier to find spots. The concern would be that next years D would be made up almost entirely of 2nd year players and rookies as I assume St-Denis won't be back with Hamilton after this season.

Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
There won't be enough room for everyone though. Dietz is joining for sure, Thrower most likely will. They'll need to decide on Nygrens future too, although they could lend him to he SEL after signing him. At least with Bennett they'll have the option of waiting. If he dominates this year though, you can't keep him in NCAA.
Thrower should be a lock to turn pro, I'd be very surprised if he wasn't.

Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Thrower goes back to WHL as overager if he doesn't pick it up. It may seem drastic, but if he was born 12 days later, he wouldn't be AHL eligible next season anyway.

With new CBA, Nygren may not even need to be signed. They were proposing 4 years to sign Euro picks. Or you can sign him and keep him in Sweden.
That's interesting, hopefully the do change the CBA and don't grandfather previous picks as I would much rather see Nygren stay in the SEL and not have to waste a contract spot on him while he's in Sweden.

I don't see Thrower going back to the dub.

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