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11-04-2012, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Doobz89 View Post
I'm not so sure about this, I think the players are starting to get upset and wanna play. If there not as dumb as they come off on twitter (Which there is no way they are) I think there putting pressure on Fehr to get something done.
I'm sure the players wanna play however Fehr is a master at keeping them inline and telling them sweet nothings....however I'm sure after the little leak about how the league verbally offered to make a change to the "makewhole" and the players didn'tknow about it before the league cancelled the WC. The players must be wondering what the hell he is doing besides stalling, it's not against the law for him to go after the league for demands for the players and try to get the best deal....the only way Fehr knows how to deal is by playing chicken, and I suspect this will be no different.....don't expect a deal within the month.

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