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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Bingo produces very little in terms of offensive zone possession time and actual offensive zone playmaking. And their PP always appears to be dealing with too much pressure.

Petersson and SDC have been violently underperforming with the puck.

The breakout appears out of sync.

We have two new wingers to NA who have played on the same line since day 1, which may not have been the best approach in order to let them acclimatize. Actually, I don't think we have a line that has all 3 players in chemistry.

The team is in tough at center with Da Costa not doing much and Pageau being fresh out of junior, and not a can't miss prospect.

You can't put up individual numbers if the team is playing like this.
true, and there is the argument that better players play with better with better players - But Zibby seems to be underwhleming at best.

The thing is he is in most top 10 prospect lists and he seems to maybe living more into his draft stock as a Mike Fisher type of player, maybe he is a guy who flirts at 40 points most of his career and has some 25-25 seasons.
I'm hoping he is more an Arnott, Michalek, Hossa type and doesn't turn into a Greening or Fisher who doesn't fight. Fisher is a nice player but if Zibby is on the path to be a complimentary 2nd line player instead of a player who you build a 2nd line around (Turri, Michalek) I think it will be a big disapointment.

He'll be a 'better in the playoffs' type of player, but he seems to have the MSP thing were he does a lot out there except get results - kinda worries me.

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