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11-04-2012, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I played a rather high level hockey for quite some time, played with some of the best of the best and was apart of teams that went on to win National Titles, and apart of teams that missed playoffs. In reality there was not a huge difference in terms of things like team cohesion...on probably the best team I have ever played on, which did win the National AAA Title we had clear groups on the team where so players would not even talk to others is how much they hated each other...and I've been on low ranking teams that are all the best of friends.

But when people are joking around (and saying Pierce would get hurt getting frisked is CLEARLY joking around), it's generally a GOOD sign about the team being close and friendly. This type of thing is nothing. All competitive sports players will joke about the players on my team being "weak", or whatever, it's part of the whole locker room atmosphere, even behind their back, it's just part of being on a team, it's not "****talking". They are not "Hissing", they are making a joke about a player being injury prone, who IS injury prone. This is not questioning leadership, this is not attacking Pierce in a literal sense, it's a JOKE. If they legitimately did not like/respect him, trust me there would be MANY different ways they would handle something like that, not by joking around about the guy...
Fair enough.

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