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11-04-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundAndFury View Post
Do you really enjoy talking nonsenses out loud so much?
lol, you really think that these were my words about Latvian Yakupov? You should read some Latvian sports forums/websites after those 3 games..

Again, to be finally clear about this. I was really negative about Indrasis in beginning of the season, because i could see how people already started to think that "new start was born at WC" and now he will just tear the everything apart. I was careful about this, because in my mind 1 tournament is not a factor to make a conclusion about a player. (Again, if we wanna talk about "nobody`s". Bukarts had pretty solid 10/11 year with national team, 3 goals at WC, and 8pts in 9 games with team in total with friendly matches, and he was a year younger then Indrasis, when he scored 5pts at WC.) And where is Bukarts now?

I said that at the start of the season, that he is on the one level with other guys. Now i can see that he can product really good numbers, but lacks stability, that is understandable for a young player, but still, I wanna see him more before put big hopes on him.

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