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11-04-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
So, what is the feeling this morning?

Too early to say... They talked a whole bunch so they both probably unloaded a lot of what was on their chests so that's bound to be somewhat positive in terms of clearing the air and trying to move the process forward.
The fact that the meeting took place is positive, but I would not call myself optimistic; I'd say I am intrigued and looking forward to see where this goes.
Unfortunately Donald Fehr remains at the head of the PA so until the lockout is resolved or he gets overthrown, any optimism is misplaced. Some people have mentioned that some insiders claim to have heard player unrest at the PA's rumored inertia to the NHL showing some details as to how to handle the make whole provision that may have been passed on the PA three days prior to the cancellation of the Winter Classic: if all this is true (I think Dredger was the only one to mention it) this could be start of the PA's membership waking up and making an effort into taking matters into their own hands since Fehr has done sweet **** all to help the talks.

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