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11-04-2012, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
Were you insulting them, or does she hate them so much that it drove her to violence?
Originally Posted by Jersey Man View Post
Story. Please. Please.
Originally Posted by HeliDevil View Post
Were you trying to crash into her?
Well I was at some lame house party last night.

First time I've ever seen this girl in my life. I'm just standing there minding my own business. And she just comes up to me and says "Do you have sex with a lot of girls because of your hair?" (I actually have an afro IRL, it's not just my username). I was caught completely off guard by this, and before I could even get a word out she says "You hesitated, that means no." And then she just walked away. And and I'm sitting there going WTF? Clearly she's a weirdo.

But she was kinda cute so I just thought she was just being a drunk white girl.

So like 20 minutes later, my boys Tyler and John were talking to her and her friends. And I'm at the pong table trying to play, but still drifting in and out of their conversation. I heard John say "Dave Matthews is a [homosexual slur]." I turn around and say, word for word, uncensored: "Yes, I agree."

And in a split second, with no hesitation, this **** just clocks me in the mouth.

Everyone that was around was just kinda standing their with their hands over their mouths in shock. I had no idea what to do, I was once again caught completely off guard. So I get in her face and say "Look, if you weren't a girl you'd be dead right now."

And then she runs away to a different part of the house.

It didn't even hurt or anything, she was weak as hell. But still....who does that?

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