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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Hmmm. Metz and Chappell. I was hoping for more who's replacing them? I assume it's a couple of 100M ringers.

I'm still not sure what to do with my kids. I love having the prospects to develop, but I think it might be in my team's best interest to do what Obryantj has done. He's bought some good older players to fill the gaps. Unfortunately, I'd have to sell my youngsters to do that. Bit of a catch 22.
Metz and Chappell are at positions where I'm comfortable not adding a 100M ringer to replace them. My top 3 CM going into next season will be Taganovich, Piposiar and Tim Hammons. Side defender is a little trickier, Hrebec and Keen will start the season as the starters and as of now my top 2 players off the bench will be Stewart Beadle and Alexander Ruffin (who was recently added to the NT). Both have bright futures, but will need some serious training to get up to speed.

The funds I receive from selling those players would be available for purchasing players and if I could bring in a 100M+ ringer at a certain position or two, then I'll be putting more players on the market. Theoretically, I could go all NKDJ, but I'd like to max out my stadium and build HR-15 (or perhaps RF-15 or SA-15 instead) quickly.

I set-up my first training camp of the season today in soccer and I'll be stringing the second camp to this one. I'm toying with the idea of stringing another camp or two at the beginning of next season as well. I'm leaning towards one camp at the beginning of the season and one camp during the week between match 42 and the first league cup match. We'll see what my schedule looks like before I need to make a decision though.

In hockey, I actually won a game today! Sure, it was just a friendly,but I haven't won a friendly since September!
Congrats. It looks like you'll be headed to III.2, which is the league I started out in and apparently the Michaolvce Wild Hogs are back in that division as well. They were a rival of sorts for me in my first 2 season.

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