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11-04-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
So, what is the feeling this morning?

Well, as far as i can tell.....they both know where each other stands.

NHL wants to continue business with a 50-50 split
They wants to put something in place to keep the stupid contract (Bonuses, Front-loading, mega long term contract).

Players don't any want any kind of rollback.
And they pretty much want to keep all aspects of last CBA intact (other than the split of HRR)

They both "agreed" that the players will take less HRR in the near future.
They both "agreed" that a bigger revenue-sharing from the teams is needed.
They both "agreed" that the definition of HRR will not change
They both "agreed" about the Drug-testing and medical stuff (supposedly)

And if we believe the reports out there, the NHL also "agreed" to take care of the player's contract with their share in the they seems to have "agreed" that the owners will take care of "honoring contracts"

They have to figure out:

1- If the salary cap will be link with the HRR
2- All rules related to the player's contract (from term, to trade, to minors....)
3- A way to get the teams to the new cap (Amnesty buyouts, % of contract....)

I'm pretty sure they just spoke 10hrs about those things and reports are good so far......

So yeah, i think it's going well right now.

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