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11-04-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Falconone View Post

YES I do understand it's about the distribution of $$. I have long believed that the PA was willing to conceed on $$ or % of HRR but the players rights issues, such as ELC, Arb., RFA UFA were much more critical to their willingness to sign an agreement.

The original proposals of the NHL owners while egregous on their face were designed to focus the PA on % of HRR or total $$ while the real issues they wanted was to able to control player movement and value over the life of a players career. I'm wondering why so many here are having difficulty grasping that concept.

Oh well lets hope that the meetings yesterday did focus on the issues of player rights and movement and that there was some constructive movement. If not, well the season is probably lost.

This is an interesting idea to me. Can you explain why these things are of importance to the owners?

I ask because if I am an owner, the bottom line is what is important to me - and that really only depends on the HRR% split, right?


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