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11-04-2012, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
The problem with the expired CBA was that the growth of costs outpaced the growth of revenues.
The owners are looking mechanisms that will slow down player salary growth and they have proposed to do so by putting some restrictions on contracts.
So, mean it's like this:

I own some middle to bottom revenue team.
I can't spend to the cap, but I have a real problem if I end up with a few good players. I can't afford to spend to the cap to keep them, and if I let them go, then I risk losing more fans and more revenue.
So, I favor having control over my players. That way i can stay in the middle of the salary floor/cap, and still have a team with a chance to win, and I can keep my fans.

Is that how this would shake out?

Not sure the PA would like that. It sounds like the owners want a pass on paying the really good guys as much as they are worth. And, every player is going to think he is worth more than he really is....

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