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11-04-2012, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by azaloum90 View Post
NHL waited to use their leverage... Cancelling the Winter Classic
PA waited to use their leverage... Force the NHL to lose a big chunk of revenue by cancelling the Winter Classic...

Both seem to have gotten what they wanted, IMO...

I agree, this is a good thing. I also believe that ANYTHING that was discussed between those two are the SAME views that Bettman and D.Fehr share. There is no way either one of those individuals are going over their own superiors head, unless there is some plan to oust both of them from their positions, and I don't see that being the case here...
I mean, think about it. Would you hold a secret meeting with a client, only to tell them about your side company and how you can do it so much better? And while doing this, expecting a) the client not to say anything to the company and b) your superior never finding out about this?
Absolutely not. We're on a good road here
how in the bluest of bleeps is losing hrr a leverage to the players?

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