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11-04-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
How profitable is the WC really? How much does it really contribute to HRR? I would guess that the real measure of success with the WC is the increased exposure of the league rather than the dollars that one single event brings in.

The players lose out on cash from one event...The owners lose way more than that.
how much revenue does that one event bring in? it brings in probably the same revenue as 8 normal games combined.

the average ticket price is 186 dollars to the just cancelled game, seats available (considering they were trying to break the all time attendance record for a ice hockey game at 104,173) lets use that number. that would mean this one game would of brought in 19,376,178 in revenue. that is one of the 4 games that were said to be played that weekend. 1 ohl, and 1 ahl, and also an alumni game was also to be played at another baseball field.

so that one weekend they just cancelled cost the league/players close to probably 22-23 million in revenue.

those numbers are just attendance, doesn't include parking, doesn't include concession stands.

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