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11-04-2012, 01:12 PM
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Among other things, the owners have proposed to 1) artificially inflate the salary cap in Year 1 so teams don’t have to trade or release players
This seems fair to both players and owners.

2) trade player salary and cap charges in trades (this is something both teams and players have wanted);
Not entirely clear what this means. Salary and cap hits already accompany trades in most cases, don't they?

3) eliminate re-entry waivers;
Not entirely sure I like this. Seems like the kind of thing that could lead to unintended consequences as GMs game the waiver system to stash contracts in the minors. On the other hand, it might mean fewer players languishing in the minors due to short-term roster overloads, so I'm on the fence here.

4) Increase revenue sharing with further increases as revenues grow, and the top grossing teams making the biggest contributions (revenue sharing is something Don Fehr is passionate about; wants it so the teams that really need assistance are assisted);
Revenue sharing reform was the best thing the PA brought to the table, and I was disappointed when they seemed to abandon it early on. Bringing it back is definitely good for the long term stability of the league, even if it means we have to deal with more annoying HF threads bashing the system.

5) Introduction of appeal rights to a neutral third-party arbitrator in cases involving on- and- off-ice discipline (player-proposed wish
Very small and reasonable concession for the owners. There's really not a good reason to resist this.

1) Joint NHL/NHLPA Health and Safety Committee with equal representation by the league and union;
This shouldn't even be regarded as a concession, just a good idea.

2) Establishment of a “standard of care” and “primary allegiance” obligations between the team medical staff and players (this is directly due to the tragic Derek Boogaard situation that remains ongoing);
The big picture implications of this are over my head.

3) Offseason rehab activities would no longer be required in the team’s home city;
Seems like a minor concession to make life easier on injured players.

4) Players have access to second medical opinions at the club expense;
Eric Lindros is a great example of why they should have been doing this for decades. Matter of common sense.

5) Ice time restrictions and days off during training camp;
That is getting into the realm of pampering. Do your damn jobs.

5) Improved facility standards in visiting locker rooms;
More pampering. Nothing about the condition of visitor locker rooms is a serious problem.

6) Ice condition improvements and standards;
Good for everyone.

7) More player friendly rules for parent-son trips, teams would have to pay for parents travel and lodging to first-ever games, other milestones;
That's nice, I guess. Not sure why it needs to be part of the CBA but it's an easy concession.

8) Different standards for rent and mortgage reimbursements from teams;
This is vague, and I doubt any fan really cares.

9) increased access to tickets for visiting players and also a game ticket policy that minimizes the tax impact on players;
Very minor throw-in concession, why not.

10) And also, the league has agreed to consider a player proposal for single rooms for all players on the road, which would be thousands of extra dollars spent on travel. Typically, players share rooms on the road unless you’re a longstanding player (600 games), or in a lot of cases, goaltenders.
More pampering. I understand why young players would see single rooms as desirable, but the truth is they probably benefit from the support and team focus of sharing space with teammates. I'm not crazy about teams spending a ton of money so 20-year-olds get private hotel rooms. Seems like luxury for the sake of luxury.

On the whole, it's easy to see why these line items could get done very quickly. There are only a couple that have really wide-ranging impact. The rest are a matter of how many bells and whistles the players can get in exchange for salary cuts.

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